This is the page for our English readers for stories written by UK Artists. We shall post short extracts from FREE to read stories online. All of which are linked for you to follow. Click …read more to follow the link..enjoy.

#1- Short Stories for Short Journeys 2021-2022.

a great story based on the life of exhibition curator

Skyline of Manchester in 1988 -The Home City of Denis Taylor Artist and Writer
Manchester Skyline in 1988

An Odyssey is Born

My Life as an English Artist on a Greek island.

Lying in a bath with music gently playing mozart, a glass of wine and a smoke. This was ‘my time’ and usually on a Friday night. All forms of communication with the outside world was muted. The stage was now set for a good think about myself and my life.

It was one of these ‘Me’ nights that my Greek Odyssey took shape.
Manchester and Salford - Artists of the North
Manchester and Salford in the 1950’s

For almost a decade I’d been applying my talents designing. Eventually I formed and then ran a design company in a major UK City. My company became an obsession for me, but that wasn’t obvious or even seen as a negative by myself, for years. I was more interested in proving that a back-street inner city kid could make it against all the odds. On lookers thought I was working twelve to sixteen hours seven days a week, because I was chasing money and financial success, or perhaps to gain recognition by them that run the modern City business life. However, nothing could have been further from the actual truth….read more

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