Clare Thatcher now exhibiting in Tubes Artists Gallery

The Sense of Place Exhibition exhibition is now closed. Below is the catalogue for the exhibited which was printed and is on the Tubes Magazine VR catalogue platform

Here is an extract from the catalogue (in the artists own words).

“My work is deeply connected with a sense of place. The locations I choose and the focus of my attention are highly selective, personal and resonant of individual landscape features, associated thoughts, emotions and reflections. Central to my practice is the use of pure colour which I make from pigment. I select a limited palette and through the impact of both colour and surface I aim to capture the mood and sensation of an ever changing landscape.

“..capturing the mood and sensation transporting me back there.”

There is a cross over in these different places, which creates a common thread, working in a continuing series. ‘Sense of Place’ and ‘Spirit of Place’ series are strongly influenced by revisiting the Tate St Ives and the surrounding area. Drawing and observing in particular the landscape and geological forms of Wilhelmina Barnes-Graham works. Rocks, St Marys Scilly Isles, 1953, Rock Theme (St Just). ‘Unconscious Place’ series of works on paper are in response to my time at PADA Studios, Barreiro, Lisbon Portugal September 2019, Turps/PADA Residency. I select a palette I have felt when in a place. My line drawings in charcoal or pencil suggest colour to me, capturing the mood and sensation transporting me back there.”

Below is a video of the exhibition which is narrated by the curator:

Clare Thatcher an English painter of unique work based on nature is exhibiting here fantastic work of three years.

This is really is a show for the art connoisseur of fabulous semi-abstract paintings in luxurious colours. Clare mixes her own paint using the more vivid pigments which are mixed with linseed oil and mulled to a smooth creamy texture. The artists work is both studied and spiritual.

Here are a few of the paintings that featured in the exhibition.

Surfaced -Clare Thatcher exhibition on Tubes Artists Gallery UK
Surfaced oil & pigments on plywood -122omm x 94mm
Spirit of Place -Clare Thatcher exhibition on Tubes Artists Gallery UK
Spirit of Place. Oil and pigments on Plywood panels 1220mm x 1800mmcm
STILL -Clare Thatcher exhibition on Tubes Artists Gallery UK
Be Stil. Oil and Pigments on Plywood 930mm x 122omm

Recently Clare made a trip to Alaska (see painting above) from where she made many sketches , This new work of drawings and sketches is now showing in the new expanded TUBES Solo Gallery. The 20 page catalogue is also available on the Tubes UK website (link below).

visit Clare’s website by clicking here

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Sense of Place recent exhibition by Clare Thatcher at Tubes Artists Gallery

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