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A great exhibition was opened in Manchester and Leeds in the UK via the TUBES ARTISTS GALLERY curated by painters TUBES magazine.

The exhibition, memories for posterity, shown the work of Catherine Corfield, an accomplished artist well known by her peers in the contemporary art world of the North of England. Catherine’s work is sensitive and centres around family. This exhibition explores the feeling and emaotional content exagerated by the world wide pandemic of 2020.

lock downs…

The lock down after lock down and the crazy tier system are spreading across Europe far quicker than the actual pandemic itself. The paranoia is real of course, as is the danger of death, especially to my generation (the over 60’s) But, there are other casualties of this god forsaken Sars strain. That is a psychological one and it is just as devastating as the Virus itself. The victims are multiple and the effects are difficult to cope with. First we have the ‘Grandparent or Grandparents’ who are left marooned and alone.

Artists Support…

The exhibition was supported by the excellent catalogue written, designed and produced by painters TUBES magazine. Below is the complete 20 page publication (best viewed on a large screen)

this exhibition is now closed click the video below to view the paintings

Here is a short video that walks you through how to navigate the VR gallery.

Below are examples of the paintings from the Memories for Posterity Exhibition by Catherine Corfield. All paintings in the exhibition can be purchased on a 12 month interest free payment plan through World Art Finance. The exhibition ran for three weeks and had an audience of over 32,000 people within the painters TUBES® platforms.

Stepping Stones painting by Catherine Corfield Now showing in Tubes Artists Gallery
Stepping Stones – available to acquire
Together Arwork now showing in Tubes Artists Gallery
Together – available to acquire
Finding Treaseure by Catherine Corfield now showing in Tubes Artists Gallery
Finding Treasure – available to acquire
Catherine can be contacted on her website by clicking here
You can view a number of Artists Catalogues by Clicking here

Excellent exhibition featured in painters Tubes Gallery 2020

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